Welcome to Mark van Roosmalen Tailoring

Timeless, elegant and sophisticated. Whatever your tastes may be . . .


Our award-winning master tailor, Mark van Roosmalen has over 30 years experience in crafting the perfect garment, designed to your measurements and desired specifications. We offer both a made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring service, each is explained in more detail on the 'Tailoring' page.

Hand-tailored shirts

We can also tailor shirts to your measurements which will fit better than any shirt off-the-rack ever could. You select the cloth, buttons, pockets, collar and cuff styles to get the perfect finished product.


The Suit Doctor, the alterations arm of the business, is renowned for being able to tackle the jobs which other alterations businesses simply find too difficult, as well as routine alterations. Get the job done right first time, no matter how large or small - more information is available on the 'Alterations' page.